We are looking for Dancers for our new Track: Rave At Home!!


We are looking for dancers [18 + years of age] to take part in a video for our new track Rave at Home! The track itself has been inspired but the crcumstances we find ourselves in accross the world now where we are not able to party together. So to keep up the spirits and remind everyone to stay safe we have created "Rave at Home!" It has a very catchy riff and definetly marks the current times.

We are hoping to get dancers from all corners from the globe to represent the fact that 'the virus', has affected us all, and whilst this is truly a terrible global crisis, it is also an opportunity to see us all as one - one human family, that all share a desire for happiness.

We are hoping for the video to be as funky as possible, so we are asking all participants to please put on your most wild make up, hair and clubby outfits and show us your very best moves to the music! We want to inspire others to dance and have fun by watching you!

Feel free to dress up your back ground - or not. Feel free to write messages like “Love from London, or Ravers unite", or whatever....

In any case make sure your camera is in the perfect position to film you and that you are well enough lit for us to see you!

The Lyrics are “ All The Clubs Shut Down Gonna Stay at Home Gonna Rave at Home - please feel free to come close to camera with your lips and lipsync the lyrics.”

Please get Close Ups, Mid Shots, Wide Shots - You are the directors and the stars!

Pollination X believe deeply in equality and inclusiveness. We hope to include as many people from as many backgrounds as possible to convey the diversity of the world, but we'll have to see who contributes!

We also would like to convey ‘heart’. People around the world are losing the most precious things in the world to this virus - their loved ones. Please also consider how to convey your heart to the world. Ordinary people are soldiering on day after day, often the lowest paid and the hardest working whilst others stay safe at home. But by staying at home we are contributing to the containment of the virus. So it’s important to stay put, and it’s important to not lose our minds!

If you are a dancer - then this is an opportunity really show off your skills, if you are a comedian, this is an opportunity to make us laugh, if you are a serious raver this is a chance to show us your wonderful outfits... If you have a big heart this is a chance to show you care.

We are really hoping to convey this in the joy of people dancing to this music in the video...”.

The remit is to have as much fun to the music as possible - whether you are giving it your most sexy moves, putting on fabulous club make up, dancing round your bedroom or dancing whilst you are doing the cooking in your apron!

For us to be able to use the video we will need the shots to be well lit, so please make sure you have enough light, whether it’s daylight or electric lights.

Make the song your own! Feel free to lip sync to the track. Please see the lyric video below for the words.

We will only be looking to use short clips to cut together so don’t worry if ‘the good bit’ only lasts for 5 seconds.

Maximum length of film for submission is 5 minutes.

The video you send will not be passed onto any third party.

Submission does not guarantee useage. However by submitting your clip you will be giving your permission for the clip to be used for the ‘Rave At Home’ Video, and waiving copyright and ownership of said clip on every platform in perpetuity. Which is just a fancy way of saying - you are happy for us to use it without renumeration - forever. We are unsigned and this is a project of mutual creation for dance and music for all.

If you would like to discuss any of the above in advance of making a recording, please email us via the contact form.

Please send your video clips via we transfer to info 'at' pollinationx.com or you can upload them via youtube and send us a link to the video.